Domestic League FAQs

Southern Districts Junior Basketball League (SDJBL)

The Southern Districts Junior Basketball League (SDJBL) is a local competition run jointly by South Adelaide Basketball Club and Southern Tigers Basketball Club for junior players in the southern suburbs and country areas south of Adelaide. With limited places available within the District competition, the purpose of the Domestic competition is to provide a competition that is accessible without overburdening families with the time and financial commitments of the District basketball system. The Domestic competition is a great way for junior players (U8s through to U18s) of all abilities to train once a week as well as play “proper” games in a competitive but friendly environment.

Who can play in the Domestic competition?

The Domestic competition is open to all junior players (U8s to U18s) of all abilities.

What are the Domestic seasons?

Basketball runs over two ‘seasons’, Summer & Winter. The Summer Season runs from October to March, the Winter Season runs from March to September. There is a week break during each of the school holidays for Junior Grades, with a longer 5 – 6 week break in games over December/January.

When are Domestic games played?

All Domestic games are played on Saturday afternoons.

Where are Domestic games played?

Game day locations are:

  • Marion Stadium, Norfolk rd Marion
  • Morphett Vale Stadium, 2 Sports Park Drive Wilfred Taylor Reserve Morphett Vale
  • Westminster School, Alison Ave, Marion (Summer only)
  • The Hub Recreation Centre, Park Ave Aberfoyle Park (Winter only)

Who do Domestic teams play against?

Domestic competition is predominantly made up of teams that come from South Adelaide Basketball Club (48 teams in Winter 2018) and Southern Tigers Basketball Cub (38 teams in Winter 2018), therefore you will often play against other teams from the two Clubs. Other basketball clubs, schools, sporting and social groups also enter teams into the competition. See here for a full list

How often do Domestic teams train?

Domestic teams train for 1hr, once a week. Training is not compulsory, however, we do strongly recommend that you attend for both personal and team development.

How much does it cost?

There are two costs – Club membership fees as well as game fees.

Membership Fees cover all Club training court hire fees, registration, insurance and nomination fees paid to Basketball SA and Basketball Australia.

Current membership fees for all Domestic players are:

  • Summer season fees: $160
  • Winter season fees: $160

In addition to Membership fees there are also Game fees for each team which are charged by the SDJBL Clubs and collected at half time during each game.

Game fee: $60 per team per game

The team manager will divide the $60 fee by the number of players playing on the day and request that each player pay that amount.

For example:

  • $60 divided by 8 players = $7.50 each
  • $60 divided by 7 players = $8.50 each
  • $60 divided by 6 players = $10 each

There are no Spectator fees for the Domestic competition.

Please see here for SABCs Fee and Discount Policy

What is the Domestic uniform and how much does it cost?

Domestic players require:

  • SABC reversible playing singlet ($75),
  • Plain navy blue shorts (any navy blue shorts or white District shorts are ok)

Uniforms along with other SABC merchandise are available for purchase at the South Australian Aquatic & Leisure Centre (SAALC) retail store corner of Morphett rd and Diagonal rd.

How do I get a playing number?

Once the player has registered and received confirmation that they have been placed in a team, the player will need to be issued with a SABC player number.

SABC Domestic player numbers are issued by the SDJBL Program Coordinator

NOTE: Player numbers DO NOT transfer between Domestic & District. If you are a Domestic player going into the District competition you must obtain a District player number. Occasionally, we may be able to issue you with the same number, however it is not guaranteed.

NOTE: If you intend on purchasing a second-hand uniform you must first check with the above listed to determine whether or not the player number is available. If it is available, your number will be registered on our system. If you obtain a second hand top and do not register the number, you will be expected to change numbers (buy a new top) in the event of a clash with an existing player or any future player.

Loan Singlet Process

To ensure that players have a singlet to play in while waiting for their new singlet to be delivered, SABC have established a set of loan singlets at SAALC retail shop. When you place and pay for a new reversible playing at SAALC retail shop you will be issued with a loan top (stock permitting).

You are required to take back the loan singlet (in good, clean condition) at the time of picking up your order. Your order will not be released until the loan top is returned.

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