Training At Home

Training At Home

At-home drills to help you work on your game outside of team training. New content will be added regularly so be sure to check back in.

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Homecourt is a revolutionary basketball training companion. Using only your iPhone camera, Homecourt can count, track, and chart basketball shots in real-time while providing instant video review and deep statistical analysis of all the team’s shows and workouts!

We consider this to be the best and most accessible basketball training app on the market and is fully endorsed by Basketball South Australia and Basketball Australia.

Apologies Android users, this app is currently only on iOS.

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Fitness & Stretching

Stretching Workout 1:

NEW Interval Fitness Training:

NEW Sprinting:


Below is a series of shooting workouts. Some drills will require a rebounder.

Shooting Workout 1:

Shooting Workout 2:

Shooting Workout 3:

Shooting Workout 4:


These home shooting workouts are basic.

Spotted Shooting Workout 1:

The athlete prints out the form and shoots the appropriate shots that correspond on the floor. The athlete then records how many shots they make the appropriate box.
The idea is that the athlete works out where they shoot better from and works on their weaker spots on floor. If the athlete is not strong enough or does not have the space to shoot from a particular spot, you can just leave it blank.
After 5-10 sheets the athlete should start to know the positioning of where their best shots are taken.


Ball Handling Workout 1:
A great workout to do in the backyard at home.
It is a series of stationary ball handling drills using cones (or you can use drink bottles etc)
Credit: This workout was designed and implemented by Mainland Eagles in Christchurch New Zealand by Coach Mark Dickel


Mikan Drill: